DSC 1301 smallHighest quality of used materials guarantees reliability and high quality of manufactured products. WUZETEM uses steels which chemical composition and purity is identical to the ones used by top manufacturers like Bosch and Delphi. In many cases the steel is supplied from the same steelworks. This concerns nozzles and pumping elements. Both steels used for production and other materials are bought from suppliers tested and approved by WUZETEM.

“Just in time” optimization  methods are used to optimize production and management processes. This allows for mineralization of material stock and reduction of manufacturing cost.

Thermo chemical treatment, apart from material quality, is a process that guarantees necessary durability and reliability of our products. Implementing in 1992 nitrocarburizing process resulted in hardened surfaces’ properties, hardness and structure to be identical to the ones of top world manufacturers’.

Replacing salt furnaces in the heat treatment of needles with modern vacuum furnace had improved ecological conditions while also improving hardened needles properties.

DSC 1286 smallMachining processes used for all products: precision pairs, nozzles, valves and pumping elements provide precise processing and ensure high accuracy linear dimensions, small values of shape errors and technical conditions within tenths of a micron.

Those processes that provide the best performance characteristics deserve special mention. For pintle nozzles this would be match grinding of lead surface and pintle shape made on special CNC grinders. This process allows for manufacturing of individual batches with uniform fuel outflow characteristics of each individual nozzle. Such nozzles ensure smooth running engine.

DSC 0462 smallIn multihole nozzles high uniformity of spray holes position and outflow is achieved thanks to implementing CNC drilling machine. Specialized CNC drill is also used to achieve uniformity of fuel holes of pumping elements. High quality of hole working with the pistons is achieved on special honing an lapping machines.

High quality of fuel pump bodies and feed pump bodies is achieved on modern Japanese machining centers. Important parts of injectors are manufactured on CNC turning machine for highest quality.

All of production processes have quality control plans in which our in-house laboratories play important role. Metallographic test are performed mostly to evaluate quality of heat treatment and finished products.

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